Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Snowglobes

Now that the gifts have been given, I can share the Christmas snowglobes the kids and I made!

First Pandora helped out by emptying out lots of baby food jars for us. I removed the labels and washed them, cleaning off any stickiness with Goo Gone. I got glitter and sparkly silver & green leaf picks at the craft store, but had trouble finding any tiny figurines to use (the jars are only about 2 inches wide). I grabbed a pack of plastic babies for the aunts ~ the Harvey family has developed an odd Christmas tradition of plastic baby pranks ~ and finally found some cute penguin buttons that would work for the grandparents.

Orson helped me hot glue the penguins on to some lovely flowers that promptly dyed the water bright red! I removed them and replaced them with some silver leaves instead, piling up some hot glue so the penguins could sit a little higher up too. Orson quickly got kicked out of the kitchen for trying to grab the glue-gun and repeatedly hopping over the cord.

Snowglobes, 1

I cut some of the silver leaves down and added wings to the babies to disguise them as Christmas angels. They were too small to sit at the very bottom of the snowglobes so I propped them up higher with leaves and berries. I covered any bare spot on the bottom with glue and had Orson sprinkle glitter over it to look like snow (it wasn't really visible in the end).

Snowglobes, 2

Then he helped me add in lots of glitter along with some clear Elmer's glue to slow its fall. Snowstorm!

Snowglobes, 3

Here are some of the finished snowglobes! We made 7 all together ~ 3 for granparents, 3 for aunts, and one to keep. They turned out really cute, but Orson (3) was a little too young to help as much as I'd hoped.

Snowglobes, 4

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