Thursday, January 23, 2014

Femme Fatale - Nightsong Grotto

I have been looking forever for a nice tinted polish filled with glitter. Claire's Candy Shop got me hooked, even though I'm not much of a 'pink' girl. Polishes like that are so pretty I don't feel like a slacker for not adding nail art! The polish didn't even have to be quite as glitter packed as Claire's, but did need to have various sizes and colors mixed together. I found some pretty polishes along the way, but the colors never seemed to be quite right. (Like this, or this.) Then, just before Christmas, I discovered Femme Fatale! After some deliberations I added Nightsong Grotto to my list. I'm also in love with Wickerman Embers, Suspended Starlight, and several others. The names are as pretty as the polish! Femme Fatale - Nightsong Grotto I used about 2 coats with some extra dabbing to fill in any empty spots, then 2 layers of topcoat to make things smooth. The colors were so deep and the polish looked like fused glass. It's a gorgeous polish!

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