Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Tiffany", "It's My Year" Manicure

While searching for nail polishes with my name I came across Zoya's "Tiffany" and quickly added it to my wishlist. My husband bought me the polish for Christmas and I finally motivated myself to paint my nails (it's been a while!).

From the pictures online I was hoping for a red polish with a orange color shift, but it's really more of an earthy orange with a pink shift. I was a little disappointed in the color, but the only orange I have currently is very bright, so I'll keep this one for now.

"Tiffany", "It's My Year" Manicure

I also worried the polish was a little too similar to one I already owned called "It's My Year" from OPI. I was remembering it as pink with a golden shimmer, but it really is more of a purple. The shimmer is similar though, so I painted all of my nails with "Tiffany" and then layered a few coats of "It's My Year" on the ring finger and thumb. (It is pretty sheer, so the orange tint still shows through) The names are perfect for a new year's manicure!

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