Friday, June 19, 2015

5:2 Update - Week 22, 5 months

What a disappointing month!

The first week restaurants were definitely to blame. My husband requested we visit a breakfast buffet, because we hadn't been to one in years. But after that we were visiting family & traveling, and ended up eating out another time or two because of it. We normally only eat out once a week, and by the end of that week I had gained a pound and a half! (Even with all of the exercise & diet days)

The next two weeks I managed to lose that weight along with another pound, but this last week the scale didn't budge at all. I don't feel like I was eating really bad & did my daily exercise, so I'm not sure what happened! Actually, right now my whole body is *so sore* from my workouts this week, so perhaps I'm just loaded with muscle now, haha. After 4 whole weeks I am down a depressing .8 of a pound, but at least I dropped another 1" from the waist.

After 5 months I'm starting to feel a little burnt out & have been considering going a little easier on the diet or exercise, but not after a month like this! Ugh. Hoping for a better report next month.

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