Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our Decorated Gingerbread Houses

In the last post I shared how I assembled the base of these houses step-by-step and let them dry out a bit. Now for the fun part ~ the decorating!

My husband picked up a few candies from the store, like M&M's, gumdrops, butter mints, etc. I would have killed for some soft candy canes, but they were out! We also raided our candy basket, the baking supplies (sprinkles!), and we even used some cereal. Anything's up for grabs!

Here is Orson's house ~ 

12-15 Orson's house

We applied the icing for both of the kids, using these decorating bottles again. The kids showed us where to put the icing, then they chose & attached the candy. 

And Pandora's house. I could not get her to stay still! ~

12-15 Panda's house

When they were done we let them eat some of their house. Before we realized it, Panda had cleared off most of her candy!

Justin had the slightly broken house, but still managed to craft an awesome chimney, paved with M&Ms. I love the cookie shingled roof too! (Cookie Crisp cereal)

12-15 Justin's house, 1

And a nice, big back window ~

12-15 Justin's house, 2

I added a small covered porch on the front of mine ~

12-15 Tiffany's house, 1

The roof is shingled with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and I tried to add a little 'snow' along the edges. There is a sour gummy candy called "Rips" that is the perfect shape for the door, and I also cut up some to make shutters.

12-15 Tiffany's house, 2

On the back I made some stairs out of graham crackers & railing from Pringles Stix. I also stacked up some pink Good & Plenty 'logs'.

12-15 Tiffany's house, 3

This was my first time decorating a graham cracker house and it was a lot of fun. I think it needs to be a new Christmas tradition!

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Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Awww! Your children's BIG smile made my day. They are so cute!!!!! They did an awesome job making gingerbread houses! :D