Monday, May 11, 2009

Jason & Lucy

We went to a lovely wedding this weekend, for one of my cousins, and I took a *ton* of photos. Unfortunately, my camera is crap, and hardly anything turned out. Sure, on the little camera screen a few of them looked brilliant, and I couldn't wait to get home to see them on the computer screen.

We were busy with church and Mother's Day festivities the rest of the weekend, so I just had a chance to sit down and pull up the pics. Only a few of the outdoor shots were salvageable, and I was indoors most of the time, so all of the bride & groom photos were pathetic.

Jason & Lucy's wedding - 1

Jason & Lucy's wedding - 2

Jason & Lucy's wedding - 3

Jason & Lucy's wedding - 4

Luckily everyone was snapping pictures there, so this really was no big loss. But as I'm getting more into photography, it was quite depressing to flip through the photos & see everything turn out so badly. And blaming my camera will get me nowhere until we can afford to replace it with a newer model, which will be no time soon.

Oh well! We really did have an excellent weekend, and I hope all of you enjoyed your Mother's Day as well.

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