Monday, October 12, 2009

Frisbee Dogs

Last weekend Cartersville held its annual US Disc Dog championship and we finally got a chance to go. The signs boasted that it was an international competition, and we did indeed see tents from different states and even one from Japan! (Though it seemed like too small of an event for anyone to fly across the globe for, I'm not sure what the story was.)

We only got to stay for about an hour before it started raining. In one field they were judging long throws, and there was some event coming up called 'duck herding', which we were sad to miss out on. We spent most of our time watching the free-style routines, which were awesome.

Frisbee Dogs - 1

The tents along the back are all for the competing teams. The crowd sat on bleachers on the opposite side.

Frisbee Dogs - 2

Here is one of the Japanese competitors ~

Frisbee Dogs - 3

Frisbee Dogs - 4

And another Japanese lady with her pup ~

Frisbee Dogs - 5

Definitely going back next year!

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