Monday, October 26, 2009

Early Halloween

We had a little Halloween get-together last night ~ So much fun! I just could not get motivated this year, though, so I skipped out on themed food and creating decorations. We hung up a few things from last year and made brats and cheese fondue. Mmmm...

We also threw together some costumes at the last minute. I was able to find a black & purple wig for about $5, so I tossed on a purple cape (that I have from an after-Halloween sales years ago) over a black dress and played around with make-up. Not sure what I was supposed to 'be', but we added a few purple & black spiders from last year in my hair and I think I became a 'Spider Queen'.

Halloween 09 - me

I never got a good shot of Justin, but he was going for something like 'Redneck Slob'. He had these horrible fake teeth and wiped BBQ sauce and mustard all over an undershirt. I think I might have thrown up on him if he tried to give me a hug wearing that! I drew on a mustache and he finished off the look with jeans, work-boots, a leather-work belt, and a Dodge hat with camo on the front, mesh on the back, and a turkey & turkey prints thrown in for good measure.

Halloween 09 - Justin

We can't convince most of our friends to dress up, but these two don't mind at all. This pose is so awesome ~

Halloween 09 - Wes & Candace

Here is most of the non-costume crew. Three of them were party-poopers this year, leaving at 6:30! (We started at 2) Granted, most of the reasons were good ones, but we had no idea half of the guests would be leaving so early. Suddenly we had an insane amount of food, without even making the two desserts we'd planned for later, but I suppose Justin and I don't mind having leftovers. ;)

Halloween 09 - Jay, Justin, John

Indy often leaves for another room when big groups are around, but he was quite social this time. He sprawled himself across two of the three remaining laps for some belly rubs.

Halloween 09 - Indy

Next weekend the Halloween festivities continue, along with Justin's dad's birthday, at his parents' house. I can't wait!

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