Monday, November 2, 2009

Spooky Snacks

We spent the weekend at Justin's parents', celebrating Halloween and his dad's birthday. The girls were all excited about making themed foods, and we ended up *way* overcooking. Here are few of my favorites...

These little bat & skull croutons were make with sliced bread and cookie cutters. The bread was brushed with oil & sprinkled with spices, and toasted in the oven.

Spooky Croutons

This is what I was in charge of - making a skeleton out of vegetables. I added in some flames, bats and stars around him. (I'm not taking credit for the hair, which was added later by Justin when he found out that his mom had bought the sprouts specifically for that)

Veggie Tray Skeleton

I had no idea what his sister was up to with this until it was cut into slices after baking. Candy corn cheese bread! I'd love to re-do this idea next year as a pizza with shredded cheeses.

Candy Corn Cheese Pizza

And of course there were the traditional mummy dogs, with little sesame seed eyes. (Justin and I also put these together. Everything else was made by his sisters or mother)

Mummy Dogs

Bloody tomato soup with floating eyeballs made of olives and... feta? I'm not sure what kind of cheese it was. Justin stirred the soup thinking the eyes would float up to the top again. They had to be fished back out, rinsed, and set on the top again.

Tomato Soup with eyes

Pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate with almond sliced for finger nails. Justin's dad donated the sleeve of an old dress-shirt to cover the jar they sat in.

White Chocolate & Pretzel Fingers

This one isn't food, but a little mood lighting...

Foggy Cauldron

They only ended up getting three trick-or-treaters this year, after making up about 15-20 treat bags full of candy. It was a very rainy night, though, and I think the city started a downtown event the year before, so I'm sure those two things did not help. All of the siblings gladly took home a few treat bags for themselves.

I have one more set of Halloween pictures, ready to share tomorrow!

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