Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ambigram Challenge

Ambigram magazine, where I was recently interviewed, started hosting an ambigram competition a couple of months ago. The "challenge" used to be hosted once a month by Nagfa, a husband & wife ambigram-blogging-team, but with a new baby it got to be too much for them to handle. You can now see them as one of the judges.

The challenge is usually open ended; like 'the holidays', or 'ressurection'; which does not really appeal to me. One word might just work better than another, you know? The last challenge was actually sponsored by a reader who wanted a design of his and his wife's name, and he was offering a prize of $100 for the winning entry (which he would choose). Prize money and two set names was enough to finally motivate me to enter.

My entry ~
"Sadiq" & "Shana" Ambigram
"Sadiq" & "Shana" Ambigram

And here are the results.

I did not end up winning, but made it into the top 5 (voted on by the normal judges), which was really my main goal. Of course, I don't mind money either! The judges mentioned picking a different entry as their #1, and one of them said "Tiffany, the judges scored this one higher than the sponsor, and your design was easily at the top of the competition." We could not decide if that meant that mine was their choice for #1, or if they just scored it higher than the sponsor did? I like to think it was the first option!

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