Thursday, November 5, 2009

Box from J-box

This is the kind of package I like to see!

Package from J-box

I was already placing an order with, so I figured I might as well throw in a few bags of chips & such! Chips are one of my favorite foods, but I get so tired of all the same-ol' flavors. Why do they never come out with new ones? I am seriously tempted to move to Japan for the chips and ramen shops alone. (Of course, there are many other reasons)

I quickly snapped these shots when I opened the box, so forgive the quality. I was eager to rip open a few of those packages! First we have some labels you might recognize...

Japanese Doritos & Cheetos

Most of the text you see on the Doritos bag is spelling out the words in katakana, the alphabet they use for foreign words. At the top you see ドリトス - "Doritosu" (the "u"s can be dropped) and テリヤキ 味 - "Teriyaki" and the kanji for "flavor". (If things are looking weird, you might not have Asian text capability on your computer)

On the Cheetos bag we have チェスター チーター の チートス ミックス - "Chesuta- Chi-ta- の Chi-tosu Mikkusu", or "Chester Cheetah's Cheetos Mix". At the bottom is ワイルド ペッパー ベーコン 味 - "Wailudo Peppa- Be-kon 味" - Wild Pepper Bacon flavor.

But not all of the labels are katakana versions of English...

Garlic chips and Beef Bento Chips

The first bag reads にんにく, "Garlic" in hiragana (the main alphabet), and マニア - "Mania", which I assume you can figure out on your own! Mmmmm.... Garlic Mania!

Then the second bag reads 牛肉 - Beef, どまん中 - right in the center, 味 - flavor. コーンスナック - "Ko-n Sunakku" - Corn Snack. This one was labeled online as "Beef Bento Box" flavor, and bento (弁当) is mentioned in the line underneath the cows. These are also the only chips I've eaten so far, and man.... they were so good!

Rose Kit Kats & Squid rings

Kit Kats - チョコ & ローズ - "Choko & Ro-zu", chocolate & rose flavored (using an abbreviation of チョコレート - "chokore-to", for chocolate) There are soooo many flavors of Kit Kats in Japan.

And we have いかめし - Squid flavored (corn rings).

Grape mochi

Now this stack of purple candies are Grape Mochi (a chewy marshmallow-like snack made with sticky rice), and are the real reason I made the order in the first place. These, the Kit Kats above, and a bag of candies I bought earlier from the Asian market, will be my stocking stuffers this year (to give to Justin's family). I don't think anyone reads the blog, so I should be safe to post these. If not, oh well! The candies feel very hard inside the packaging, unlike the soft mochi I'm used to, but I'll have to wait with everyone else to sample them. See the little toothpick inside?

Egg molds, Hi Chew, & Furikake

I also grabbed some egg molds (star & heart shaped), Cotton Candy flavored Hi Chew (ハイチュウ - like a chewier Starburst), and some furikake in assorted flavors (seasoning to sprinkle on rice). I think the egg molds were the thing labeled as "toy" on the front of the package. I think kids would disagree, but I'm fine with it!

Feel free to let me know if you enjoy seeing these Japanese products as much as I do, or if you could do without. I realize I'm a bit obsessed and am not a good judge of how interesting they are! (, I apologize! I know you probably get your fill of this stuff already) ;)

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