Friday, October 23, 2009

Owl Parliament in Cherry

The red and black inks have arrived, and printing is going well!

Owl Parliament in Cherry - close

I remembered a few more printing techniques since the dark brown attempts, and the test prints with the red came out nicely. At that point I realized any of the flubs left were actually problems on the screen, and so I sat with a pin in hand, finding the faults in the printed pattern and pricking out the mistakes on the screen. Possibly for hours. But better to fix it on the screen than do touch-ups with a brush on the fabric every single time I print!

Owl Parliament in Cherry - folds

That was not the first time I pricked out a mistakes from this screen, and will probably not be the last. I realized that the screen printing shop is not going to be a perfectionist when creating my screen, which is some what understandable, but I expect a little more for $50. And I'd probably end up spending as much time burning my own screen, and making sure every detail is perfectly washed out to begin with, as I do fixing all of these little mistakes. I'm tempted to get some more emulsion.

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