Monday, January 4, 2010

Bee Furniture

Months ago, as we were admiring some pet furniture & toys, my brother-in-law asked, "Why do dogs and cats get all of the fun stuff?". He keeps a small hive of bees & joked about wanting accessories for his 'pets' too. Well, I couldn't pass up such a fun crafting opportunity (and Christmas gift), could I?

I've had a few beeswax candle kits sitting around for years; the kind where you roll colored sheets of beeswax around a wick for a simple taper candle. Most of the wax sheets had the traditional honeycomb texture, though there were a few with stripes or other textures. I grabbed an x-acto knife and set to work building tiny bee-sized pieces of furniture, just eyeballing everything. Each joint was glued together, and then the wax edge was melted to create smooth corners.

Bee Furniture - Table & Chairs

Bee Furniture - Bookshelf

Bee Furniture - Sofa

Bee Furniture - Bed

Bee Furniture - TV

Bee Furniture - Toilet

So that was a dining room table & chairs, a bookshelf with books (my favorite), a sofa with throw pillows, bed, TV, and toilet (you can barely make out the black handle on the left side). Here is something to give you an idea of the scale ~

Bee Furniture - Size

And everything framed together in an 8 x 10 shadowbox!

Bee Furniture - Framed

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Sakhi said...

Boy... this is awesome! :)