Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shake your booties

We've told family & co-workers now, so I can finally post it on my blog.
I am pregnant! Almost 15 weeks now, due July 4th.

Indy & Booties

I feel an obligation to be squealing with excitement as I tell the news, but it mostly feels surreal. I can't pull off squealing. Until I start getting kicked, I don't know if I'll really believe it. Granted, I've had plenty of symptoms, but I have never been around pregnant women, never really been around babies, never been baby-crazy, none of our close friends have kids ~ it is all very weird to me. I kept waiting for my biological clock to start ticking, but the decision was more based on the chronological clock, since we turned 29 this year.

So, umm... yeah! I am not a fan of: the (severe) acid reflux, nausea, headaches, exhaustion, and congestion... of having to look up every little thing online to see if it is o.k. or not... of women trying to remember what they were told 30 years ago, saying "I don't think you can do that" ~ only to look up yet another thing online & see that no, that is actually something they recommend for pregnancy... or of being fussed over, "How are you feeling?" (Except by Justin. He can fuss all he wants). But really, other than those things, which have not been overwhelming, it has not been too bad at all, better than I expected. But that might depend on which day you ask me! On the plus side ~ I do enjoy, for once, not having to worry if an outfit makes my belly look big, or how many calories something has (I've actually been loosing weight throughout the whole thing). It can be hard to find something I want to/can eat, though, especially finding enough to keep up with the hunger!

And, unrelated, there are snow flurries outside, with a promise of snow! I can't remember the last time we've really had snow (north Georgia). Maybe once in the last 10 years? (I do not count flurries or a light dusting that melts in an hour, the grass needs to be hidden!) I keep peeking out the window to make sure it is still falling.

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