Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot & Sour Soup Recipe

We made up some Hot & Sour Soup again last week ~ that stuff is sooo good! The broth has a slightly different flavor than you find at restaurants, but not really better or worse, just different. Last time I felt like it needed to be tweaked, so I held off on typing up the recipe, but now I wonder if we just had an odd ingredient or measured something wrong that time. With no changes to make, I can finally share the deliciousness with you.

Hot & Sour Soup

Recipe Here

I've also changed the name of my Asian Chicken & Rice Soup to the more appropriate Faux-Sizzling Rice Soup. Justin said the name was way too boring for something so tasty, and I did base the recipe on the Sizzling Rice from our favorite Chinese restaurant. It's such a popular dish there, you can hear it popping all over the restaurant when you eat there. I hate naming things!

And it is definitely soup weather around here! I can't believe it, but we still have a little snow sitting behind the apartment, hanging around since Friday. Usually everything melts the same day we get a few flakes, but several spots are lingering this time.

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