Monday, October 25, 2010

Crib & changing table paint pics! (finally)

A looonnnngg time ago I showed you the pictures of the changing table & crib that we bought, all disassembled and in need of a little bit of fixing up. I promised that pictures of them painted & put together were coming soon again & again, but the crib kept thwarting me.

But the changing table turned out lovely!!
Here it is, all in pieces ~

Changing table - unpainted

And painted a bright, sunshine-y yellow-orange color ~

Changing table - painted

We found this lovely contact paper at Target to cover the shelves and the changing pad cover from my aunt ended up being a perfect match! I got the white dotted totes from the Container Store (online). Indy is a fan of the totes, though we're not sure how he manages to fit in them. He likes to sleep on the pile of cloth diapers & block our access at diaper changing time.

Changing table - shelves

Here is the crib, unpainted ~

Crib - unpainted

And this is the Spring Green color that we used to brighten it up! It took about 5 coats of paint to cover the thing, I worked on it so long! It was the one thing that I really spent a ton of time on 'for the baby', and then we found out that the crib was missing a very important part & was unusable.

Old crib - painted

While I am pretty familiar with painting, my knowledge is mostly limited to acrylics, but have no clue when it comes to furniture. And so I think we ended up getting the wrong kind for the crib. Along with the unending coats of paint needed, large chunks started peeling off of it when we leaned the pieces against one another weeks later. I guess it is a good thing we couldn't use it after all! Such a waste.

I turned out that mom had saved the crib I used as a baby and so we didn't have to try to hunt down a second one. I really, really wanted to have that one painted too, but we got it right after the baby arrived & there was no time to even consider painting. The dark brown wood doesn't really match the bright colors surrounding it, but Orson doesn't seem to mind! (You'll see that one soon)

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Marilyn M. King said...

How delightful! I love the bright colors and am so glad that the table pad works so well for you. Too bad about the green crib, I love that color and the lines of the crib have so much character. Maybe it could work as a head board for the "big bed" someday. Oh, that's right, the paint peeled, but maybe......