Monday, October 4, 2010

New recipe pics

I've been going through My Recipe Book & removed quite a few recipes because either 1) We never cook them (so they shouldn't really be listed with our favorites!) or 2) I realized they still need some work. I also got some new shots of two recipes that I think are a big improvement. The new camera makes even casseroles look good!

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd's Pie - plate

Shepherd's Pie - pan

(Previous pic)

Stuffing & Spinach Bake

Stuffing & Spinach Bake - plate

Stuffing & Spinach Bake - pan

(Previous pic)

That recipe also got a little bit of an update ~ it is so much quicker & easier to warm the frozen spinach in the microwave!

Sadly, we made two of the recipes in the 'book' recently & I didn't even think to take new photos! I'm going to have to start planning our dinners based on what has not been re-shot, but some of the more time intensive recipes will probably have to wait until Orson is not such a handful.

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