Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Curatins For Ya...

You got a peak at these in the background of the changing table picture ~ the curtains I made for Orson's room! You may remember seeing a picture of the fabric that I picked ~

Michael Miller fabric - Bots N Robots

These were actually the first curtains I've ever sewn, but it's one of the most basic sewing projects, so it went smoothly. Indy's help was indispensable, though.

Nursery Curtains - Indy's help 1

Nursery Curtains - Indy's help 2

I made these way back in April, but I'm not sure when we got around to hanging them. I made three panels ~ two for the large window you see pictured below and one panel for the smaller window beside the changing table. We bought some simple black hooks to hold them open at the sides, but for now they are always shut for the frequent naps.

Finished Nursery Curtains

The pennant is a lovely felt banner that was used as a decoration at my family baby shower. I'm guessing mom found it at Babies R Us, but not really sure.

Well, Orson's a bit obsessed with the curtains right now, which felt rewarding at first, but sometimes makes me wish they were a plain color. During diaper changes he rolls hard to the side to look at them, reaches out, and then gets frustrated that they are too far away. I actually have to pull the bottom of it over to him so he can touch and taste it just to get him to stop rolling. We also can't sit near them during a feeding or else he wants to turn sideways and stare at them then. It's a good thing they aren't hanging beside his crib!

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Marilyn M. King said...

Well that's unexpected! He likes color and shape I guess. Another artist?

I always liked this fabric too.