Monday, October 11, 2010

Mountain Day 2010

Last weekend we went on our annual trip to Berry College's "Mountain Day" ~ kind of the homecoming of our alma mater. Things did not go well this year!!

One of the main reasons we wanted to go this year is because our friends John & Jessica were coming down from Tennessee. Jessica is 7 months pregnant, and normally very tiny, so I definitely wanted a chance to see her with a giant pregnant belly & we even had some baby gifts for them. Well, they ended up having to leave early & we missed them completely! (They were able to stop by our house the next day on the way home, but Mt. Day was a loss) We did meet up with our friends Justin Merriam & Katie, but they both live & Rome ~ we didn't need Mt. Day to see them!

Mountain Day - Katie & Orson

We were also on the look-out for a few of Justin's co-workers, some former students of his, some friends from church, and of course old friends from college, but we saw no one!! There were so many people there, one of the biggest crowds ever, it would be hard to find anyone there this year unless you called them up on their cell & named a meeting place.

On the way out we decided to drop by the Old Mill, one of the world's largest waterwheels. On special occasions they open up the mill & grind cornmeal, and we had never seen it in operation before. We started to walk up there with all of our chairs & stroller & bags in tow, but luckily the shuttle bus came by to pick us up. We had no idea the walk would be such a long one!

Look how tiny Katie & the stroller are!

Mountain Day - waterwheel

Mountain Day - waterwheel 2

Mountain Day - the mill is open

Mountain Day - mill

Mountain Day - Cornmeal

The mill was interesting, but I think we might skip Mt. Day next year. We've gone every year since graduation, but seen fewer & fewer people each time. We might as well just visit our friends who live in Rome & skip the crowds!

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