Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Continuing Custom Bokeh

I never did play around extensively with the bokeh filters as I had planned. I did take one more set of Orson shots (Indy was not a willing model that day), a couple of shots here & there & that was it. Mostly I just wanted to sit & do nothing this holiday season. I barely took any photos *on* Christmas. Oops!

Orson with Snowflake Tree Bokeh

(The occasional blue spot is the light hitting an ornament)

Here are the rest of the filters that I cut originally that I didn't share before. Your basic 5 point star ~ I've seen some really great pics with this shape & colored lights on Flickr.

Star Custom Bokeh

Then some butterflies attacked our tree. I thought this one would be a fun one for pictures of our nieces, but we didn't get a chance to see them this year ~

Butterfly Custom Bokeh

This leaf shape is the logo of our church, Oak Leaf ~

Oak Leaf Custom Bokeh

And, just to see how a word would turn out, I tried "Orson". With the ends of the shapes getting cut off at different angles, I don't think a word it very successful, but it still might be fun to try something like "Joy" another time.

"Orson" Custom Bokeh

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