Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Dylan" & "Aidan" Oscillation Ambigram

I had a request for my 2nd oscillating ambigram ~ where the words can both be read from the same view (without flipping the design). The blue versions show the names letter by letter ~

"Dylan" & "Aidan" Oscillation Ambigram
"Dylan" & "Aidan" Oscillating Ambigram

I'm not a huge fan of these, since they are generally harder to read, but it's an interesting project. I'm just glad I don't get too many requests for them! (You can see my 1st oscillation here.)

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JennyLay said...

I found this by chance and would just like to share my story. I had a son named Aidan, who passed away shortly after birth. One of the hardest things to deal with. I now have two other son's. One named Rylan and the other named Dylan. When I saw this, I just about lost it. I felt like Aidan was with me that night I found this. Thanks for sharing!!! I will treasure this find.