Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowed in

Last week Georgia was suddenly bombarded with snow. We peeked out the windows before bed Sunday night, but there was no sign of the flakes they kept promising on the news. A few hours later, when I woke to feed Orson, the backyard was blanketed with about 6 inches, yet still not a sign of a flurry.

Snow & trees

Snow in Georgia pretty much guarantees that school will be closed for the day. We don't generally have a lot of use for snow plows & road salt around here, and so a small amount might really shut everything down. This time the temperature did not rise over freezing for several days & so the snow stayed, along with the larger danger of ice.

Orson & Snow

The three of us bundled up and headed outside for a walk that morning. While there were some footprints & car tracks near the road, most of the grassy areas were just vast expanses of smooth & untouched snow. Where were all of the kids that should be out playing? I almost felt bad trekking through the perfect blanket & mangling it with our tracks.

Making tracks

That evening we took another walk over to the Citgo next to the apartments, but they were closed. The next day we ventured a little further, across the street to a Chinese restaurant. We were pretty sure they would be open, since the owners live even closer than we do (we see the delivery car parked in their driveway), but we called just to make sure! By Wednesday Justin was getting a little stir-crazy & was feeling adventurous enough to drive over to Walmart. He said the roads were not bad, but apparently they weren't good enough for the schools to open on Thursday. Friday they finally called the teachers in at 10 for a short work day, but the students got the entire week off. A fine prequel to the three day MLK weekend!

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Jenni Price Illustration said...

Wow! Lots of snow your way! We were snowed in also all last week because they don't plow our neighborhood. I finally got to get out on Saturday! Yeah! That's nice you live close enough to walk to a restaurant just for a way to get out. Your baby sure is adorable!