Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bundle Monster 21pc.

I ordered the Bundle Monster set of 21 nail stamping plates & am pretty pleased with them. You'll definitely run across a few problems with the quality, but for $18 I can deal with a few duds.
Bundle Monster stamping plate, BM21 Bundle Monster stamping plate, BM11
Before ordering I had decided to sell any plates I didn't want on eBay, and as soon as I opened the package I could see that I would have more plates to sell than expected. I knew that the 'new' BM set had larger full nail designs (because of complaints), but wasn't sure which set was 'old' or 'new'. The 21pc. set is the old set, and the full designs are *tiny*. Most also do not match up from side to side so there is no hope of repeating the pattern to stamp your nail twice. Useless! (It looks like they re-made the first set & fixed a few other complaints. Mine came with the paper backing and 'cleaner' images)

Bundle Monster stamping plate, BM01 Bundle Monster stamping plate, BM12

I also had some bad luck with my initial design choices & was getting angry. First I tried the bottom center flourish on BM01 and could barely get any of the lines to show up. I gave up & switched to the top center design on BM12 & still ended up with spotty results. So I grabbed some Konad black polish & started doing some samples on paper.

BM01 & MB12 samples

On the left side are designs from BM01 and BM12 on the right. You can see that none of the designs I tried from BM01 were coming out, so it looks like that plate was printed too shallow. (That doesn't mean all BM01 plates are messed up, but mine is) The results from BM12 were better, but you still miss a few details. This can even happen with the best plates, so sometimes I have to suppress perfectionism and tell myself it's just a nice antiqued look.

Bundle Monster stamping plate, BM03 Bundle Monster stamping plate, BM04

BM03 & MB04 samples

I was thinking of layering some leaves & flowers so I tried some from BM03 and one from BM06. Not terrible. It's sad that you loose the stem on the 2nd leaf, but who's going to notice other than me? I also liked the leaves from BM04, but my plate actually has a scratch running right up the design and the print does pick it up (that is the only scratch on any of the plates). I tried the kitty from that plate to console myself and another from BM06 at the bottom.

Bundle Monster stamping plate, BM21 BM21 samples

And here is the only full nail plate that I kept, BM21. These three designs seemed like they could be repeated pretty easily, though I really hate trying to line up the 2nd stamp for a complex design. You'll also notice on the center design, there is another mistake on the plate - a gap along the bottom row. This is noticeable on the plate even, but I think it could easily be ignored or filled in with a small brush.

So, does the low price make up for the misprints?

I ended up tossing the BM01 plate, keeping 9 plates, and selling the other 11 on eBay. So far I've sold all but two, and am still waiting on payment for another two, but I've already more than paid for the set. It is a lot of work though - if you are not already familiar with selling on eBay & willing to make lots of trips to the post office I would not recommend it! (My husband would argue that it is not worth the work but I'd like to do it again with the next set)

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