Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Nails

Here are the two nail photos I skipped over the for the Easter pics ~

First I used a silver base, Wet n Wild Fast Dry in "Silvivor". You may remember me posting about buying a few WNW colors before - well I hated the other two so much I sold them off on eBay. I didn't end up liking the colors very much and the brushes are *terrible*. "Silvivor" is a nice shimmery polish though, and I didn't have as much trouble with the brush on this one.

I had read that my new China Glaze "Ruby Pumps" was good for stamping, so I thought I would try doing a nice flower & leaf design in two colors. ORLY's "Halley's Comet" was the closest thing I had to a green at the time, so I used that with the fern leaves from Bundle Monster plate BM03 and "Ruby Pumps" with plate BM06. Both stamped very light & slightly translucent with the red showing more as a red-violet than the bright red in the bottle.

Flowers & Leaves on Silver (Bundle Monster)

I thought the color combination was pretty terrible. I eventually added a coat of Pure Ice "Cheatin" over the top of it, and the purple & blue glitter mix did bring the colors together a little better but made the stamping hard to see.

Next I wanted to try the "Ruby Pumps" for real. The first coat does show up red-violet like the stamps, but after that the glitter covers enough to give it the deep red shade. It's a really lovely polish! I stamped with my trusty Pure Ice "Silver Mercedes" and plate BM04. This was one of my favorite combinations yet!

Silver Swooshes on Red (Bundle Monster)

But a pretty bad picture! I'm still figuring out how to get the best pictures of my nails, but I think I'm a bit limited by the fact that I only have a portrait lens. While it makes most things look wonderful, it can not focus very close up, so I have to hold my hand about as far away as possible. Not a very natural pose! Then you've got to try to tilt the nails to just the right angle to get rid of the glare... and I often don't check the pics until after I've taken off the polish, so I can't re-take a new set. As with photographing *anything*, it's a learning process!

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