Friday, April 13, 2012

Bunny Shaped "Crescent" Rolls

I wanted to make something fun for Easter so I finally pulled out the Garden Bunnies recipe that's been sitting in my recipe binder for years and years. (It originally had a picture of the rolls, not sure why it's missing from the site)

Reading over the recipe, I wasn't really sure how 6 cups of flour & 2+ cups of milk and more were going to turn into "8 small bunnies". I certainly did not want to try to double that hunk of dough. The directions for forming the bunnies were a little confusing, having you form a circle & cut it into wedges just for the sake of evenly diving the dough, but it basically ended up being that you needed 1/3 for the head, 2/3 for the body, minus a hunk for the tail...

So I decided to ditch the recipe & see if we could get away with shaping some crescent roll dough. They ended up being cute and easy to make!

Bunny Rolls, 1

First you need to separate the dough along the perforations to create 8 triangles. Following the picture, cut about 1/3 off the top for the head and chunk for the tail (about 1/3 of the way across the bottom).

Bunny Rolls, 2

Roll the tail into a ball with a pinch at one end. For the body I rolled in from each side to the center and then folded the top & bottom over to also meet in the center (that part is not pictured). Place the body seam down on a cookie sheet and push in the four corners a little bit to round them. Tuck the pinch of the tail underneath one end.

Bunny Rolls, 3

For the head, snip about 2/3 down from the narrow point of the triangle with some kitchen scissors. Fold the bottom two corners in to meet at the center. Push in the three corners a little to round the face.

Bunny Rolls, 4

Lay the head over the body (with the nose touching the tray and the ears running down the back). Give the ears one twist outward, so the cut edge is now pointing up. Bake according to the directions on the tube.

Bunny Rolls, 5

Once you've folded one bunny they go together pretty quickly. I was able to form two tubes worth of rolls (16) in about 10 minutes, but I was rushing!

Bunny Rolls, 6

I think these are going to be a new Easter tradition and will try to remember to pull this post up again for you next year. Maybe even re-do it with some better pictures of shaping the bunnies if I'm really on a 'roll'!

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