Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bundle Monster Stamping

I have actually not done any stamping for about a month now. I realized that I had a few new bottles of polish that I had not used yet, so I've been trying to make sure I test out each one (most are too packed with glitter for a design to show up too well on them). I was also terribly sick for about two weeks and could not convince myself to do much of anything!

But I've got a couple of old pictures for you!

The first one was done over a purple called "Daddy's Girl" by Sinful Colors. It looked almost black in the bottle with a lovely purple shimmer (and touches of gold?) but on the nail it was a very sheer jelly purple. Remind me never to trust a $2 polish again. I think after 6 coats the nail line was still quite visible, so I ended up laying down a coat of pink first (to give it more of a red tint) and topped that with a couple of coats. It was still pretty bland so I added a coat of Pure Ice  "Cheatin" on top for some sparkle.

Silver Stars over Purple (Bundle Monster)

The stamping on this was quite fun though! I had seen someone alternate her nails with the full nail stars print on BM21 and the large star on BM05. How did I not notice how similar they were before? I decided to create a different pattern on each nail using those two along with a couple of the tiny stars from BM14 as filler. It was crazy jumping around between 3 plates! I was attempting to have nothing overlap, but I am not that good at aligning the stamps yet. So it ended up slightly busier than I was hoping for, but still very nice!

In this picture I've also added a matte coat on top, Essie "Matte About You". I love this stuff! It will turn any color into a matte polish & is great for photos too, since you don't have to worry about the glare covering up your stamped design (like in the image below). I didn't add that for a few days though, so you can see I've got some pretty bad wear on my tips.

Just before my hiatus, I actually bought the newer 25 pc. Bundle Monster plate set. I added the pictures of all of the plates from that set that I am keeping for now on this Flickr set, if you want to check them out. At least I tried out one new plate before my break...

Actually my first attempt was with the top design on BM214, but after many tries I could not get it to run straight down my nail. Grr! I gave up & switched to the top design on BM206, running it down the side of the nail so I could hide any slight crookedness.

Gold on Green (Bundle Monster)

The base is a very pretty polish from Kleancolor called "Metallic Green" (how original). It's made up a mix of tiny grass green and spring green particles that kind of blends into a lovely shade in between. I actually stamped this with Pure Ice "Silver Mercedes", but somehow the green changed the silver to a golden color!

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