Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Japanese Recipes

While I have a little more time this summer I really want to spend some extra time studying Japanese. I've been able to keep up with reviewing my vocabulary flash cards every day, but most of the time that is all (and I haven't added new ones in a while).

I thought it would be fun to translate a few Japanese recipes or craft patterns & post the results on here! Just keep in mind that I am not that good, so there are bound to be mistakes & sections where I have no idea what's going on.

Cookpad is a great Japanese website for people to share their recipes. I'll probably be picking a lot from there. To start with I translated the categories on the main page (click on the picture for a larger version) ~

Cookpad categories (translated), 1

Cookpad categories (translated), 2

Some of the sub-categories were a little difficult - a few contained a previous category name along with a word that could mean "arrange" or "arrangement". So you have "udon" and then "arrangement of udon"? (I listed it as "udon (more)") At least the Japanese contributors seemed just as confused and usually listed the same recipe in both categories!

I also like this selection of recipes on a Miso company website. Of course they all have some miso in them!

So, feel free to browse through those recipes & pick out a few that you'd like to see translated. The same goes for craft projects - I am taking requests! Which are you more interested in, recipes or crafts?

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