Monday, May 21, 2012

Dinners for the (Half) Week

A friend was telling me about this blog, where the writer posts her weekly menu with recipe links (along with a lot of other posts). I love that idea! We do a lot of cooking but I don't get many chances to talk about it on here. In the past I've mostly posted meals that I've tweaked several times & written up an official recipe page for, which does not happen very often. And then, after all of that work, it's never seen again. Such a shame!

I'd like to start posting which dinners we are planning on making for the week whether they are old favorites, brand new, or something I am working on (with any links or other info). Then, the next week I can also give an update on how any new recipes turned out! I think it will be a fun series, and thankfully will give me something to break up the nail polish posts as well. ;)

Spaghetti Casserole

This post is a short one - we just grabbed enough at the grocery store for a few days and will be heading back mid-week. Normally we choose enough meals to get us to the weekend (but don't plan which day we are actually going to cook it).

Baked Spaghetti Casserole - (pictured above, makes 2 dinners) Spaghetti with cream cheese and French onions? Insanely good. The only change we make is omitting the peppers, but I'd like to re-write this one sometime soon because I find the wording a little confusing.

Chicken Taquitos - Made these for a get-together with salsa, cheese dip, and chips on the side. These are easier to make than you would think, and *way* tastier than the frozen kind. I'm linking to my Pinterest page where you can find the recipe link and my notes on what we changed. If I ever remember to take a picture of this one I'll probably write it up officially with our changes.

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