Saturday, August 17, 2013

Atlanta Zoo Trip

A few weeks ago we visited the Atlanta Zoo with the little ones (free tickets!). Here is Orson posing with his meerkat shirt in front of their exhibit ~

Atlanta Zoo '13, 1

Atlanta Zoo '13, 2

Atlanta Zoo '13, 3

Don't remember what these were, but they were supposedly 'very shy'. Ha!

Atlanta Zoo '13, 4

Orson made a little friend at the lemur house. The boy told him that monkey throw their poo and they laughed and laughed. Orson was dying to go to the playground with him & the boy was pretty mad that we went back for daddy instead.

Atlanta Zoo '13, 5

Atlanta Zoo '13, 6

Atlanta Zoo '13, 7

Our little Panda slept, hidden away from the crowds, much like the real pandas.

Atlanta Zoo '13, 8

Atlanta Zoo '13, 9

Atlanta Zoo '13, 10

Atlanta Zoo '13, 11

One of these birds got spooked and flew into the window of its exhibit, right in front of us. It wasn't phased at all, but was quite scary!

Atlanta Zoo '13, 12

Tanukis ~

Atlanta Zoo '13, 13

Hidden tiger (crouching dragon?) ~

Atlanta Zoo '13, 14

Atlanta Zoo '13, 15

All in all, it wasn't the best zoo we've been to, but we had a fun trip. Orson had a blast and asks to go back all the time, way more than anything we've done before.

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