Friday, August 9, 2013

Spotting Your Spices From Above

Whenever a kitchen cabinet gets too cluttered and hard to access, I try to find a new solution. The spice cabinet is one I'm sure we've all battled with before! While ours was pretty organized, I felt like I was always moving the front spices out of the way to try to find something in the back, constantly shuffling everything around.

When I saw a picture of a spice drawer, similar to this, I loved how you could see & reach everything at once. But we didn't have a drawer to spare! So I found a plastic bin that was a good fit and loaded it up. When you open the cabinet you see this...

Spices, 1

Pull out the red bin and you can easily find your spice of choice! It is important to label the top of each one for it to work though. On most I just write the name in Sharpie, but if the top is super textured with a logo I write on blue stickers.

Spices, 2

I was worried that pulling the bin out for every spice would get too annoying, but since it is on a lower shelf I can just slide it out (and tip it down) like a drawer, then slide it right back in place. The upper shelf is better for ingredients you don't need as often since you have to remove the bin fully to see inside (I keep a similar bin of baking supplies up there). It's so much easier to find them this way, and I can really cram a lot in a small area! And it's pretty customizable ~ I can always add another bin if I get too many spices, separating them by name, use, whatever. Do you use any bins in your kitchen?

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