Thursday, August 22, 2013

OPI "Tiffany Case" Liquid Sand Polish

Textured polishes are a big trend currently, and nearly every company has a line of the gritty 'sand' or 'gumdrop' polishes now. I'd been thinking of picking one up but hadn't decided on which color yet... maybe a glittery black?

OPI recently came out with a series of their 'liquid sand' polishes named after Bond girls, and while none of them really caught my eye, I did notice one named "Tiffany Case" and thought it would be fun to pick up a polish with my name in the title. I did a little Googling but didn't fall in love with anything.

OPI Tiffany Case (textured)

(This picture is not doing it justice!)

And then one day I was passing the OPI display at the grocery store and notice a very pretty sparkly blue. I was surprised to see that it was none other than "Tiffany Case"! Prettier in person, I decided to snatch it up for a few dollars cheaper online. I was pretty pleased that I was able to mark of a 'sand' polish and a "Tiffany" polish in one go! (It's extra amusing since my husband's name is Justin, and we often joke about "Just-in time" or "Just-in case".)

Anyway, enough about the name!

I was disappointed when I opened the package and found a very silvery light blue. It was not what I remembered and nothing like the pictures online! I applied the polish, let it dry, and was turned off by the super gritty sandpaper-like texture of the polish. I thought all was lost, but by the next day the texture had calmed down significantly & was fun to run your fingers across. The color looks much better now too, though it's greener & lighter than most of the images I find online. It looks like shimmery crushed crystals in a lovely teal color!

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