Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tumbling Tupperware

The tupperware cabinet is another area I used to fight with years ago, but I feel like we have it pretty well tamed now. (At least until our baby girl starts crawling around & destroying everything in sight!) No more tupperwares tumbling out when you open the door!

Tupperware Cabinet, 1

My main tips would be...

♦ Any size you have an abundance of can be stacked with the bottoms all together and the tops all together, saving room in your cabinet. Any size you only have a few of should be stored with the tops snapped on so you are not searching through a mountain of mismatched bottoms & tops.

♦ My taller stacks are in the back with little blocking them in the front so everything can be easily reached.

♦ Almost all of our tupperware came free with a product, like Chinese take-out or lunchmeat. I kind of hate that they use that much packaging (think about how much of that gets tossed!), but I am happy to get use out of it.

This cabinet is an L shape, and so the right side goes really far back, but it's hard to reach anything over there. I made sure to leave the front right section empty so I can pull things out from the depths.

Tupperware Cabinet, 2

♦ To use this space I filled up a few bins. The blue one in the front (paper plates & plastic utensils) can be accessed without moving anything, or I can remove it and easily slide out the yellow or green bin.

Have you been able to tame your tupperware? Click on the top pic if you'd like to see further descriptions of the stacks.

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