Friday, December 5, 2014

Pinky Spiral Manicure

How was everyone's Thanksgiving break? We had a productive, stressful, & also a fun week off. The first weekend the house got a much needed cleaning & we knocked off a few to-dos. Tuesday was my birthday, and my 4 year old helped daddy make me a nice breakfast & drew and awesome, giant birthday card (you can see my toes peeking below it). Then went to visit my grandma, which unfortunately ate up the rest of the day & we had to delay our dinner out.

11-14 Orson's bday card

We alternate Christmas & Thanksgivings with our two families, and this year Thanksgiving was at my husband's side. Our nieces complimented my nail art before, so this time I made sure to bring my stamping stuff and we had a great time stinking up the place, haha. I got them to paint their own base colors & then stamped three nieces, one sister-in-law, and my own nails. We rarely get to see our nieces, so it was nice to bond with them a little!

And it was nice to do a little nail art again! Since Pandora was born I've barely had the time or motivation to paint my nails. In the last year I've probably painted them about a dozen times, and on half of those I did some very minor art (like adding a few dots!). I need to get back to it!

Pinky Spirals Manicure

For the base I used Jessica's "Smitten Kitten" (though I would not recommend the polish, grab a different pink). I covered that with Sinful Colors' lovely "Pink Glitter", an awesome & cheap-o glitter topper. I stamped with Konad special black polish & Cheeky plate CH52. I was planning on stamping just a few accent nails, but the black spirals kind of took over & looked too different from the plain pink, so I stamped them all.

At the end of the break we celebrated my husband's birthday (he's 3 days younger), had some friends over to play the new Smash Brothers game, traded in the Game Stop money I've been hoarding for nearly 2 years & got a PS3 for $3, and I had a good time shopping around online with my birthday money. Now I'm impatiently waiting on the mail & hoping to drag out the Christmas decorations this weekend. The weeks are flying by!

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