Friday, January 23, 2015

5:2 - 1st Week Update

Our first week on 5:2 went well!

We did our two low-calorie fast days on Tuesday & Thursday, but Justin voted to do Monday & Thursday in the future. Since you start after dinner the night before, that meant we weren't getting one full day off in between, and Justin likes his after dinner snack! Seems like those two days are the most popular choices with others as well.

Tuesday ~

The only time I was hungry the first day was around breakfast. Justin & I had a debate about how hungry we would be (I was optimistic), and so all morning my mind kept annoyingly wandering back to it & thinking, "Am I hungry?" So then I would realize that yes, I was a little bit. Whenever I was busy I didn't feel hungry at all of course!

I saw many people mention that they had a lot of energy on a fast day, and that whole morning I felt like doing jumping jacks! I did a cardio workout in the morning and before long it was time to start making my giant bowl of veggie soup for lunch. (Followed by a 10 calorie Jell-o cup.)

Chicken, Lentil, & Veggie Soup (under 200 calories)

Right around 2:00 I started feeling a little hungry again & then remembered that was the halfway mark between meals when I was planning on eating anyway! I made a green bean & egg pancake (omelet) and was planning on making another but I had to run out the door to pick my son up from school. For dinner we had a big stir-fry, and I accidentally added twice the amount of chicken ~ oops! ~ but that just took me to the 600 calorie mark anyway so it wasn't a problem. Before bed I wasn't necessarily hungry, but I did want a yummy snack! (normal)

Thursday ~

This morning I didn't have any hunger problems at breakfast time. I ate the same things as Tuesday for lunch, snack, & dinner ~ recipes coming soon! We decided to pick up some diet sodas for the fast days & I had those instead of my normal soda. (A few months ago I switched from diet drinks to regular because of the negative studies that have been coming out, but also gained 5 lbs. in the process. I'm not sure where I stand on the issue, but for now it makes sense to drink diet on the fast days at least.) I could have stopped after dinner with 500 calories, but I was desperate for some chocolate, so I savored a 100 calorie chewy chocolate chip granola bar (while hiding from the kids. You know what I'm talking about, moms.).

1st week ~

I don't feel like I was any hungrier or prone to overindulging (more than normal) on the off days. I did about 3 workouts this week and the scale is going down, but I'm not sure how much right now. Let's just say it's a certain time of the month when I normally weigh a little more, so I didn't bother doing an 'official' weigh-in this week (I'd already eaten a little that morning).

Don't worry ~ I don't plan on giving thorough updates about every fast day like this, but thought you might be curious about the first week. I will let you know about new low calorie recipes I create or discover, good online workouts I find, and the vast amounts of weight I'm losing. Now it's time to start typing up some of those recipes!

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