Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Clip-on Bangs (Quick Pics)

On my birthday round-up post I mentioned some fun clip-on bangs that I bought, and today I have some pics to share! The night they arrived I rushed to the mirror to play with them & trim them. I wanted to share the before & after, so I took pictures along the way, even though my hair had been in a ponytail all day & needed a shower. Forgive the messy hair!

Here is my normal hair, up in a ponytail ~

No bangs, up

And a quick snap later, you have bangs!

Clip-on bangs, up

The bangs are a shade darker than my hair, but they have long pieces on the sides to help them blend in so it's not very noticeable. (I have tucked behind my ears here.) The long pieces bowed out a bit when new, but I found you can straighten them! I used my straightener while it was warming up to make sure the heat was very low & it worked great.

Here is my hair down ~

No bangs, down

And with the bangs ~

Clip-on bangs, down

Oh my, I think I had this exact cut in early high school!

While the bangs would look great on many girls as-is, this is not really my style, so I grabbed my straightener & took some scissors to them...

Trimmed clip-on bangs, down

(I look pretty irritated, but that was my best hair-down pic, haha)

I like my bangs cut on an angle & very straight. This is very similar to a haircut I had a few years ago.

Trimmed clip-on bangs, up

Trimmed clip-on bangs, up 2

My husband was pretty skeptical of the whole thing until he saw them cut & styled, then he broke into a smile.

I'll admit, I've only worn them out in public once so far, because I get shy about things like this that make me look very different for some reason. Like I'm worried someone will say, "Wait, didn't you have bangs yesterday?"... but isn't that the point?! I think these would be awesome for those times when you need to run a quick errand & at the last minute you notice your hairline is a little greasy. Either way, these are super fun and only about $5!

You can find the set I bought here, but there are a ton of listings on eBay and Amazon if you do a searc. I would recommend buying from a US seller (like the link) if you don't want to wait a month+ for them to arrive though! You can also find other styles, like 'oblique' bangs, which are long & go to the side. Happy clipping!

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