Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Dining Room Lamp

After Christmas the house took another tiny step forward. Previously our dining room had a fake-candle chandelier light...

New house, 19

Here's a better picture of the old light. It wasn't hideous, but somehow those disks under the lightbulbs blocked all light from shining downward. So while the rest of the room was pretty well lit, the dining table sat in a giant shadow. Personally I'd like to be able to see my food, please!

Old dining room lamp

I wanted to replace the chandelier with a nice, big modern pendant lamp. I'd been eying the lovely & cheap Knappa lamp from Ikea for a while and stuck it on my Christmas list, but did not expect anyone to get it. It turns out it was no longer available in our store or online, but my husband found it for about $10 extra on eBay (only about $35 total)!

New lamp, 1

We still need to buy a new plate to cover the wires, but it already makes such a *huge* difference in the dining room. The table practically glows now! The lamp actually came as a bunch of flat pieces & it was really fun to snap everything together. It's too bright to see above, but here's a better picture of the way the light shines through all of the layers. Beautiful!!

New lamp, 2


chelsea said...

I LOVE the Knappa lamp! Looks good! Also I'm pretty sure I have those same wooden blind/shutters on my windows, too! Haha.

Tharvey said...

This house has those blinds on *all* of the windows! At first I thought we'd tear them down because they are a little old fashioned, but they block the light in the kids rooms so well! We've come to really like them.