Monday, August 24, 2009

(Sort of) New Camera!

This weekend we got together with my parents and they hooked me up with a new(-to-me) digital camera. Yay! They recently bought a new one and are letting me use their old camera until we can save up for a new one ourselves. Money for a Canon Rebel is going to be at the top of my birthday and Christmas list this year!

I think it may be hard to get up the motivation for blogging again, since I've been out of the habit for a while now. (I don't really like to make posts without photos) But I also know there are a ton of recipes that need to be shared, meals we've made once but were never tweaked and re-worked to perfection. That will at least give me one goal to work towards. I'm not sure there will be any wonderful screen printing photos for a while, though we are feeling more and more willing to pay someone to burn a screen for me, just to get started again.

Today I used my usual model for some test shots. Every once in a while I will drape a blanket over a chair to create a little kitty-fort. He loves anything that resembles a cave.

Indy's Fort

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