Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DS Glamour

My sister-in-law was getting rid of a few things as she prepares to move at the end of the month, and she had a few bottles of nail polish up for grabs over the holiday. A blue holo polish caught my eye, and I was excited to see it was in the older "DS" Series that I've heard a lot of girls rave about.

The polish did little to change my opinion about holos. They can be so lovely close up in the bright sun (which we haven't had much of lately!), and can be stunning in photos ~

DS Glamour, sun

But in general I am indoors, where they usually look rather flat & boring ~

DS Glamour, shade

I know lots of girls love them, but I'd rather have something shimmery that looks great in all lights. Remembering how popular the DS polishes are, I looked this one up on eBay & saw bottles selling around $50-70!! I offered to send it back to my SIL, but she gave me her blessings to sell it. Score!

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Tamit24 said...

this polish is georgeous!