Friday, July 12, 2013

July '13 Fireworks

We shot some small fireworks off last weekend in between thunderstorms & I always have fun trying to take pictures of them. Last year I looked up what settings the camera needed to be on, but when I tried them that night I had no luck. Finally I played around with dials until something seemed to work. This year I wrote down directions again and felt like I knew what I was doing! I think the pictures turned out even better too. Too bad we didn't have time to draw with sparklers!

7/13 Fireworks, 1

7/13 Fireworks, 2

7/13 Fireworks, 3

7/13 Fireworks, 4

7/13 Fireworks, 5

7/13 Fireworks, 6

7/13 Fireworks, 7

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