Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fabric Nails

I was trying to think of something different I could stick on my nails & then it hit me... I have loads of fabric scraps! I grabbed a bag of scraps (leftover from when I sewed full time), picked out five coordinating fabrics, and stuck them to my nails with top coat. Then I trimmed around the edges with some sharp, tiny scissors and added another two coats of top coat to seal everything in. The result was pretty fun!

Fabric Nails

The fabric stayed down well on my left hand, but the edges kept popping up on my right. Easy enough to 'glue' back down with topcoat, but often enough to become annoying. I also had to trim the occasional frayed thread. I usually like to keep my polish on as long as possible, but I was ready to pull these off after a few days.

If you decide to try out a fabric manicure, keep in mind that the fabric will get a bit darker with the topcoat. On my middle & pinky finger it made the print stand out even more, which was nice. I tried adding additional coats of topcoat but the texture stayed a little bumpy.

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