Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quick Fix for a Cookbook Stand

I found this gorgeous red metal cookbook stand for our kitchen years ago (either on eBay or Amazon, I don't remember which), but it hasn't been getting much use since I switched all of our favorite recipes over to digital copies. I have very few actual cookbooks and hardly ever use them, but I do love recipe blogs & Pinterest!

Cookbook stand, 1

For a long time I either had to pull the recipes up on our old & finiky laptop, or run back & forth across the kitchen to read them off of my computer. This is another reason I was thrilled to get an iPad, and we quickly realized the cookbook stand was a perfect perch for it! I also realized that the bottom edge of the stand was leaving faint, rusty rings on our white counters ~ yikes! (Take it from me, you do not want white counters in your kitchen. *Everything* stains them!) It was time for a crafty fix...

Cookbook stand, 2

First I grabbed a sheet of black felt, traced around the bottom of the stand, and cut out the circle. Since the bottom was not flat, just a ring, I wanted to add a little more stability to the felt. I traced the bottom of the stand on an old cereal box and cut out a circle slightly smaller than it. Then I glued the cardboard in the center of the felt circle and glued that onto the stand (cardboard on the inside).

Next, those dangly strings had to go. They have weights at the bottom and are supposed to drape over the pages of your cookbook to help hold the book open, but they've always been a little awkward. Since the stand won't hold too many books anymore I figured I could finally snip them off & get rid of them.

Cookbook stand, 3

I'm so happy the stand is getting lots of use again, and love having such a handy spot for my tablet. Have you ever glued felt on the bottom of something like this? It's a great fix for ceramics that are a little rough on the bottom & are scratching up your table.

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