Wednesday, September 4, 2013

China Glaze "Electrify" with Stamped Flames

I was glancing through my Pinterest Nail Polishes board and was reminded of "Electrify" from the China Glaze "Hunger Game" collection that came out last year. This is the only polish from the set that I was interested in; it really reminded me of the 'girl on fire'! It's a fun mix of tiny gold glitter and slightly larger red glitter. (I do have Agro, but only because I needed a green and it was on clearance) I figured it would be pretty cheap by now & snatched it up for $4 on Amazon.

China Glaze "Electrify" with Flames

I'm trying to get back into nail art, so I added flames along the tips. Originally I'd planned on doing just one accent nail and used a black flame (thinking the red wouldn't show up against the glitter), but it looked pretty bad. I ended up removing that & stamping all of the tips with No Miss "Palmdale Paprika" and the flames on Cheeky plate CH52. It is hard to see the flames, but it looked like a fun gradient from afar. Unfortunately this chipped terribly & did not last long at all.

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