Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fair Foods Manicure

Last Saturday we were going to make our annual trip to the fair with my parents so I whipped up this fun manicure. My dad gets free tickets from work, and Saturday was also mom’s birthday & she was eager to see her grandkids, but our car had other plans! Friday it broke down on Justin’s way home from work and we later found out the engine is shot. The fair is still open this weekend, but we’ll probably be driving around all day car shopping instead!

Justin and my favorite thing about the fair is the foods, so this is my homage to all of the fried goodness! I found lots of great images in the Cheeky summer stamping set & used Sally Xtreme Wear “Black Out” for the base color. There is a lot going on in this manicure, so I’ll break it down by nail.

Fair Foods Manicure

Thumb ~ Even the giant Cheeky stamps will barely cover my large thumbnails, so to make it easier on myself I blocked off the bottom of the nail with some Scotch tape and stamped the image sideways so I had plenty of wiggle room. The “yummy” image comes from Cheeky plate CH42. To create a gradient I laid out half Pure Ice “Silver Mercedes” and half No Miss “Palmdale Paprika” (metallic red), blending the two at the center a little with a stick, and then scraped and stamped like normal.

Pointer ~ I was planning on stamping some soda cups from CH41 with white or silver, but I could not get a clean stamp from that one. I used a dotting tool instead to create an easy cotton candy with Jessica “Smitten Kitten” (pink) and brushed on some Sinful Colors “Pinky Glitter” for shimmer. Then I added a small triangle of white with a small nail art brush and Milani “White on the Spot”.

Middle ~ For the pizzas I stamped with plate CH41 and Essie “Penny Talk”, then dotted the pepperonis with No Miss “Palmdale Paprika”.

Ring ~ The silverware is from CH42 and stamped with Pure Ice “Silver Mercedes”. I definitely had to do a few touch-ups with this image!

Pinky ~ For the fries I made my first stamped nail decals! You can see an awesome tutorial for this technique here, though I had to add some of my colors from the back and some from the front. I took a few pictures of the process and will be posting a mini tutorial for these soon.

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