Friday, February 13, 2015

Zumba "Pick 6" Workout

Well, ever since I discovered Zumba workouts, that is all I search YouTube for anymore. And I'm having a blast! For once I am actually enjoying cardio workouts rather than just forcing myself. I've been doing about 20-30 minutes every weekday (which is already crazy), and in the evenings I keep thinking, 'hey, it might be fun to go do some more Zumba'... but then I sit on my butt because I'm not *that* good.

I found that a ton of videos are only about 3-4 minutes long, just the length of one song. So I thought it would be fun to collect a bunch of good 1-song videos, and then you could pick out a few and create a new workout each time! "Pick 6" to get a workout about 20 minutes, or pick 9 for about 30. (Of course you can always add up the times too, which is what I usually do.) Here's 6 to start you off with...

Boom Boom Boom by Black Eyed Peas, 4 min.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, 3.5 min.

Dare (La La La), 3 min.

Hotel Room by Pitbull, 3.5 min.

Let's Get Loud, 4 min.

Jumping (Mega Mix 44), 4 min.

And you can find the rest on my Zumba "Pick 6" Pinterest board. I've currently found about 20 good songs and will be adding new ones every weekday for a while.

By the way ~ If you've tried Zumba at a gym & didn't like it, give some of these videos a try. Things are going to vary dramatically from one instructor to another. I can't tell you how many videos I tried out and stopped after 30 seconds because the moves changed too fast, or went way too slow, or had way too much salsa, etc. If you've ever danced around in your bedroom to music, you're probably going to have fun with these.

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