Friday, March 6, 2015

Low-Calorie Store Buys

Trying to cram in as much as I can to my 600 calorie diet day allotment, I'm always on the look-out for some super low calorie snacks. Here's a few of the store-bought treats that I've discovered.

Sugar-free Jell-o cups - 10 calories

Sugar-free Jell-o cups - 10 calories

The 5:2 diet started in the UK, which means you occasionally run into an unfamiliar name for a common food. Like a zucchini is a "courgette", snow peas are "mangetouts", and eggplant is "aubergine". When I saw some girls raving about 10 calorie "jelly pots" for desert, I knew I had to snatch some up, and correctly guessed they were sugar-free Jell-o cups. (Although I kind of love calling them "jelly pots" now!) These are not something I'd drool over on a normal day, but on diet days they are *delicious*! And pretty much a freebie.

Sugar-free Popsicles - 15 calories

Sugar-free Popsicles - 15 calories

A great treat when you are craving something sweet and cold! You can easily find fruit flavors this low, but unfortunately the chocolate types run closer to 50 calories.

Raisins (40 calories) & Goldfish (50)

Mini box of Raisins - 40 calories
20 Goldfish - 50 calories

I recently realized that some of the classic toddler foods run pretty low too! These are great for the times I want something to snack on, either sweet or salty, and you get a lot of pieces for a pretty small calorie count. I've also been known to grab a graham cracker for about 60, or 2/3 cup of cereal (or a chewy granola bar) for 100, but feel like these two give you a little more bang for your buck.

Progresso Light Soups - 130-210 calories

Progresso Light Soups - around 150-200 calories

While I usually cook my lunches and dinners on diet days (and regular days too), sometimes you just need a pre-made meal. I'm not even going to bother with any of those Lean Cuisine type frozen meals, because I know from past experience those things are tiny! My husband and I were both very pleased with the Progresso Light soups and found them tasty & filling. He eats these for lunch almost every diet day!

The cans in the above picture range from 130-210 calories and there are a lot of choices. If you are very strict on adding up your calorie count, the label is a little misleading though. There is a tiny bit more than "about 2 servings" in the can, but from my calculations you can add 10 calories to get the right total (or very close, it might be 1 or 2 off).

Do you have any favorite low-calorie store buys? I also know of a few low-cal fruits & simple recipes that I'll have to round up soon for you.

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