Friday, April 24, 2015

5:2 Update - Week 14, 3 months

We are still slowly losing weight, but Easter hit us hard!

Justin and I each bought two Easter candies we wanted to snag before the end of the season, and after I filled up the kids eggs we had lots of leftovers from theirs too. Then Justin's mom ended up bringing enough candy & eggs for all of the kids (ours & their cousins), and brought a ton of candy for her grown kids to take home too. We hosted Easter at our house this year, and so a lot of that candy and yummy leftovers got left behind for us. Yikes! Thankfully it is all gone now and we are ready to make up for it next month.

Food ~
I tried out lots of new, great 5:2 recipes over the last few weeks, but I haven't gotten the chance to share many of them yet. A few of them still need work, and a few will be posted soon. My favorite was probably the Lite Ranch Dressing that I posted last time, and the giant salad that goes along with it that I'll post next. Here is a sneak peak of the colors ~

Giant 100 Calorie Salad, the colors

Exercise ~
Last month I started doing an occasional song or two after my 20 minutes of Zumba was up, just for fun. After my setback, I started regularly doing 30 minutes to try to make up for it a little. I continued doing 30 minutes this month, but after a few weeks I realized I was not having as much fun as I used to. I'm trying to remind myself the 10 minutes is 'extra' and not a requirement, but it's hard to just do 20 now without feeling like I'm slacking.

Progress ~
I am only down about 2.5 lbs. this month, and it should have been more like 5-8. At least it's still going down! Surprisingly, my hips are down another 1.5 inches and .5" off the thighs. Total that is 16 lbs. and about 3" inches off the waist and hips. Here's hoping I have a better report to share next month!

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