Friday, April 17, 2015

My Favorite Zumba Girls

I've been doing Zumba workouts for about three months now and try new YouTube videos each time. Along the way I've found a few favorite instructors that post a *ton* of really good videos. At this point I've worked my way through most of their workouts, and while there are always a few I don't care for, I've enjoyed the majority of them. You can find the videos I liked bookmarked here.

Refit Revolution ~ I love these girls. They were already a favorite before I realized they made the video that first got me hooked on Zumba! ("Hot Z Team") They are a Christian group and originally used Christian music, but now generally use Top 40 & other stuff (which, let's face it, is an improvement). On the plus side, you don't have to worry about nasty lyrics with them!

I usually don't like the workouts led by the blonde girl, which is often salsa or country style. I'm assuming they lead the songs they choreograph, but she doesn't lead many of them. (There are also the occasional "instructor training" videos to skip, and I usually bypass the "cool down" videos from any Zumba instructor.)

Linda Edler ~ Linda is fun and full of energy. Most of her music I have not heard before, which is a nice change. She does do a lot of salsa & merengue style workouts, which I'm not a big fan of, but I still like a lot of her stuff.

Another reason I love Linda is for one of her students, Ida. You can see her on the far right above (striped shirt), and then a year later she is leading her own videos and has dropped all of the weight. Very inspirational! ~

Ray Cohen ~ Ray has great moves, fun music, and she will totally kick your butt. Most of her videos were shot during her classes, and are off to the side and shaky at the start. Usually I'd avoid those, but she is totally worth it! On the down side, you will run into the occasional nasty song, but I guess sometimes that's the price you pay for a pumping beat. ;) (She does have the occasional complex non-Zumba dance video mixed in, so don't get scared if you come across one of those!)

Crystal Kitchens ~ Crystal is a new addition to my line-up, but quickly became another favorite. She says she likes to make up her own choreography and you'll definitely come across some new moves in her videos. Sometimes the moves switch a little too randomly, but most follow a nice pattern. Like Ray, she will kick your butt, and you are going to run into the occasional nasty song.

Have you found any Zumba girls you love? Or guys! Since I'm almost through all of their videos I would definitely love any new recommendations.

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