Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chinese Jerky From Ground Pork

Last week I was going through my Pinterest looking for some old bookmarks to delete. While I managed to weed out quite a few, I also found lots of tempting things to make and ended up trying 7 new recipes!

One of those was an interesting technique for making jerky made from ground pork, called Bak Kwa. You spread the ground meat out thinly on a baking sheet and cook it at a low temperature for a while, then broil each side at the end. The results were tender, moist, and tasty! (I forgot to add the red food coloring, but don't think it really suffered.)

Chinese Jerky From Ground Pork

The finished jerky smelled and tasted great, but the combination of fish sauce and sake in the marinade was rank enough to make us wonder if the meat had gone bad! Next time I'll definitely leave those out and try for something closer to teriyaki. I'd also like to see how it turns out with ground turkey or chicken since they are about half the calories of pork!

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