Monday, March 3, 2014

Bento #7 & #9: Pikmin

In my ongoing effort to get Orson excited about silly lunches, I decided to make a bento based on something he really likes. Even at 3 his favorite thing in the world is video games, and I realized it would be really easy to make the Pikmin from a game he's been playing a lot lately (Pikmin 3). Even better, I could make all of the shapes with one set of cutters, so they are easy to create without a ton of tools.

Bento #7: Pikmin

Bento #7: Pikmin, 1

First I laid out a base of rice and squeezed some blanched broccoli along the bottom for bushes. In the game the Pikmin help you carry over-sized fruits, so I pushed in half a kiwi and a strawberry and then leveled out the rice around them. (I had planned on using three different fruit, but there was no room!)

Pikmin cutters

To create the Pikmin I used a fat and a long teardrop shape. I rounded the point of the fat teardrop to create the head. Then I cut the long teardrop in half and used the wider side for the body. I cut the tip in half again (lengthwise) and used half for the point on their head, then rounded off the corners on the other half to create the arms.

Bento #7: Pikmin, 2

I didn't have a good circle for the eyes, so I dabbed on some ranch dressing and dotted each with nori punched with a mini hole punch. The yellow Pikmin all have ears (circle cut in half), the blue ones have a mouth (trimmed from a scrap), and I ignored the red Pikmin's pointy nose.

Bento #7: Pikmin, 3

The red Pikmin and the flowers along the bottom were made from an unrolled imitation crab stick. I also cut two white flowers from the crab for the top of their heads. The blue and yellow Pikmin were cut from egg sheets that I made from these directions. (I think I used 3 egg whites for the blue one, 2 yolks and 1 whole egg for the yellow.) My egg sheets looked nothing like hers, but they work OK!

Bento #7: Pikmin, 4

The flowers were all dotted with tiny circles from the yellow egg sheet, held in place with a dot of ranch. I also used a green egg sheet for the leaf on top of the blue Pikmin's head and added a few leaves on the sides. Then I filled in the rest of the open space with some strips cut from snow peas for grass.

When I unveiled Orson's special lunch he of course had no interest in eating it. My husband ended up with this one, though Orson did ask for the fruit.

Bento #9: Pikmin

Bento #9: Pikmin

A little over a week later I asked Orson what he wanted for lunch. He said he wanted a "special lunch! Like the Pikmin lunch!". Since I had made this before, it was pretty quick to throw together with rice from the freezer. This time we only had grapes on hand so I filled up a cupcake liner and had each Pikmin carry one grape. I made the bushes with edamame but was too rushed to add as many details as before. This time Orson ate every bit, making 'yummy' noises the whole time!

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