Friday, March 28, 2014

Glitter Nails

I bought some iridescent white glitter when we made snowglobes for Christmas, and while we were working with the glitter I kept thinking, "I want to coat my nails in this!" I finally got around to using it and the results were very pretty!

Glitter Nails

A long time ago I coated my nails with micro-fine glitter & it was a cinch ~ paint on some clear top coat, dip your nail in the glitter, and brush off the excess. It was a little harder to work with this larger hex glitter, but still a pretty quick manicure.

First I painted one nail with a shimmery silver glitter that I thought would match nicely to fill in the gaps, then dipped my nail like before. This left glitter hanging off in all directions, so I knocked off the loose glitter with my fingers, then wet my thumb and worked on pressing down all the glitter on the nail as smooth as possible. If you end up with a bald spot I found that it was better to use a nail dotter or toothpick, dab a little polish on the spot, then place the hexes on as needed. (Don't just brush the spot with some polish & dip it again or you will get a noticeable 2nd layer of glitter sticking up. These were the only places my nails felt rough.) Finish off with a few layers of top coat & you are done!

This was a lovely manicure, but not too long lasting. The brittle glitter chipped pretty badly, but could also be touched up easily. I'm sure I'll try it again!

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